mental health first aid

There is no health without Mental Health, it is as important as our physical health. This course is the equivalent to physical first aid, enabling people to identify, understand and help someone who may be suffering with a mental health issue.

Mental illness can strike at any person, from all walks of life at any time. As a society we are not so good at looking after our mental health as we are our physical health.

This 2 day course teaches individuals to recognise the signs of mental health, develop the skills to approach, listen, support and respond to a person experiencing poor mental health even in a crisis.

You will gain a deeper insight into positive wellbeing and how to reduce stigma around mental health.

Delegates are not trained to become therapists but to support and empower someone to improve their mental wellbeing

The Small Print

  • All delegates will receive a manual and workbook which become a useful future support resource
  • On completion of the two day course delegates receive a certificate from MHFA England
  • The course runs for 8-16 people

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