What you choose to eat and drink effects every aspect of your health and goes hand in hand with living an active life.

Eating a healthy balanced diet can boost energy, increase brain power and improve sleep. Employees become more focussed and have an increased ability to concentrate for longer periods.

Our nutrition workshops and seminars offer insight and inspiration to help employees make heathier choices by understanding the effect food can have on mood, motivation and overall health. Workshops equip employees with recipes, tips and knowledge to choose smart when it comes to nutrition, optimising performance and ensuring a motivating, healthy and happy workforce.

Nutrition Workshops Include:
Habits & Behaviours
Understand what influences your food choices and action plan improvements
Hydration Health
Discover the real links between health and hydration
Power Hour
Discover what to eat and drink to increase energy levels and motivation
Hidden Sugars
uncovering hidden sugars in popular foods and drinks and the impact sugar has on your working day
Immunity Booster
Discover immunity boosting foods, essential vitamins and when to exercise to stay fit and healthy all year

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