training and workshops


What you choose to eat and drink effects every aspect of your health and goes hand in hand with living an active life.

Eating a healthy balanced diet can boost energy, increase brain power and improve sleep. Employees become more focussed and have an increased ability to concentrate for longer periods.

Nutrition workshops and seminars offer insight and inspiration to help employees make heathier choices by understanding the effect food can have on mood, motivation and overall health. Workshops equip employees with recipes, tips and knowledge to choose smart when it comes to nutrition, optimising performance and ensuring a motivating, healthy and happy workforce.

Nutrition Workshops Include:

  • Habits & Behaviours
    Understand what influences your food choices and action plan improvements
  • Hydration Health
    Discover the real links between health and hydration
  • Power Hour
    Discover what to eat and drink to increase energy levels and motivation
  • Hidden Sugars
    uncovering hidden sugars in popular foods and drinks and the impact sugar has on your working day
  • Immunity Booster
    Discover immunity boosting foods, essential vitamins and when to exercise to stay fit and healthy all year

Physical Activity

Sit less – Move more

As lifestyles have become more sedentary learn how much exercise is recommended and the benefits of taking regular exercise. Discover simple ways to get more activity into your working day

Positive Posture

A fun and interactive workshop to identify and discuss common posture complaints. Practice exercises and stretches to strengthen and improve your posture

Mental Health

With 1 in 4 people experiencing mental ill health in any given year, with an estimated cost to UK businesses of £34.9 billion each year, all businesses need to ensure that mental health is on the agenda

We have three 90 minute training courses

Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces

This course is aimed at business owners, directors and line managers responsible for developing a positive health culture, reducing absenteeism, managing presenteeism and ensuring compliance with HSE Management Standards & employment legislation.

Learn how to spot the symptoms of ill mental health, start a conversation, how to manage an employee who is suffering and make reasonable adjustments.

Building Mental Resilience

Everyone needs stress to motivate them, from getting out of bed in the morning to giving a presentation to 1000 people! However if stress isn’t managed, the pressure of work, family, health and life itself can lead to burn out.

This course is aimed at employees of all levels within the organisation, we explore the signs and symptoms of stress and mental ill health, the importance of talking, how and where to signpost a colleague. Attendees will gain tips and advice on how to manage stress at work and home

Building Physical Resilience

This course is aimed at all staff at all levels of the organisation. With exceedingly busy lifestyles, work commitments and pressures such as meeting targets and deadlines, getting the balance right can be extremely difficult when it comes to looking after your health. The increase in availability of convenience food, 24 hour access to work emails and social media is having negative effects on both our physical and mental health.

There is no physical health without mental health and vice versa. On this course we aim to develop an understand the correlation between physical and mental health & wellbeing. The benefits of healthy eating, exercise and sleep and the impact these have on our mental wellbeing.

Attendees will create a Sleep Plan to improve sleep routines, overcome objections to not getting enough exercise by committing to an action plan to get more physical activity into the week